Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lauren Greenfield and the Photo Project

Your next assignment for WMST 350 is the Photo Project, handed out in class on March 3. I am attaching the assignment here for those of you who were absent on that day.

To prepare for this assignment, you need to read and blog on the assigned text for next week, Lauren Greenfield's Photobook, Fast Forward.

Read Greenfield's Artist Statement

Explore the photographs in Greenfield's Fast Forward

Feel free to browse around Greenfield's website for more images of teenagers in the media!

See you with your 20 photographs in class on March 18th! Hope you have a great spring break!

LB :)

Monday, March 2, 2009


Happy Snow Day!

What a great day to sit on the couch and read a great novel. I am so glad I assigned you a chunk of Prep, by Curtis Sittenfeld!

The chapters are on the electronic reserves. The book is engaging and reads quite well. I hope you like it. I chose it because it offer a different representation of teenagers in the media (in this case fiction), as they struggle across issues of difference.

Read carefully, and take note of how issues of social class shape Lee's experience as a teenager in an unfamiliar world. Think about how her experiences at Ault teach her about what it means to be in "insider" or an "outsider". What are the rules of the game called "success"and where do teenagers learn them? Look for times in the chapters when Lee realizes that she never learned the rules she was supposed to learn in order to "fit it" at a place like Ault. Where did the other students learn those rules?